Hesheng / Introduction
Hesheng Enterprise is a private-owned company specializing in the manufacturing and sale of stone processing machinery, crystallized glass panel (or minicrystal stone), quartz stone and various kinds of stone processing projects.  
Hesheng Enterprise was established in 1982 as a stone machinery manufacturer. With its investments into a number of stone manufacturers, Hesheng has become a leading player in machinery and stone products especially in minicrystal and engineered stone area. Hesheng’s current business portfolio includes: 
◆ Stone Processing Machinery Factory: a factory with an area of 35,000m2 and 25 years experience. Technologies adopted for our machineries have been well researched and supported by Italian and USA companies.  
◆ Crystallized Glass Panel Factory: a minicrystal stone manufacturer and market leader in China. Established in 2002, the 200,000m2 factory has an annual stone output of 250,000 m2.  
◆ Quartz Stone Factory: a quartz stone manufacturer well known in China. Established in 2001, the 28,000m2 factory has an annual output of 350,000m2.  
◆ Stone Processing Factory: a stone projects specialist. Established in 1996, the 30,000m2 workshop has an annual output of 300,000m2. Successfully handled projects from domestic and overseas,also supply all kind the stone item to the market.  
◆ Import & Export Operation: importing stone blocks to China (sole agents in China for the quarries in Brazil and Mexico)and exporting products made by Hesheng & its JVs to overseas market. Also handle import & export for other businesses.  
◆ Overseas Sales Offices & Agents: currently in USA, Mexico, Australia, European, Chile and Brazil . 
Our products have enjoyed great demand and reputation in China and overseas owing to their consistent high quality and competitive price. The minicrystal and engineered stones, made on Hesheng’s own production lines, have been widely used in various projects including “U” Club Tower in USA, Araucano Project in Chile and Tashkent Government Building etc. We have also been successful in natural stone projects such as the Beijing People’s Conference Hall, Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building in Texas A&M University in USA…. 
Our experience, market knowledge, advanced technology and proactive services make us a leader in the field.  
Hesheng, Your Trusted Business Partner.