Crystal Glass / Introduction
Minicrystal Stone, someone called Crystallized Stone, Crystallized Glass Panel, etc. is one kind of the new crystallized materials.It's a complex solid material which contains plentiful minicrystal and vitreous body by control crystallization while heating the basic glass or other materials.It's a holistic crytallized material combined by glass , special crystal and felsite crystal, the last two are extracted from a glass liquid contains special composition under a condition of 1500。C high temperature by sintering and annealing for 48 hours long.  
Main materials: sand, silex, calcite, feldspar, sodium carbonate  
Assistant materials: dolomite, barite, fluorite, etc.  
Product Flow 
Crystallized glass panel is a new kind of high technology product. The whole production process is controlled strictly:  
1. Material: Mix mineral material and chemistry material in certain proportion, melt in a furnace with 1400℃-1450℃,        after water hardening, It forms glass material.  
2. Crystallization: Spread glass material on fireproof plank equably, and then send it into the tunnel kiln. Crystallization naturally when the temperature of tunnel kiln up to a certain degree, and it forms beautiful crystallized pattern. The procedure is controlled by automatic control center. 
3. Polishing: Polished by automatic polishing machine  
4. Cutting: Cut the panel by infrared cutter as per detailed requirement.